>Lent: Don’t Give Up!

>(Sorry for the long delay between posts)

Hey guys! I know that’s a weird subject for this blog entry but it was inspired!

Did you guys make a resolution for lent? Something you will either stop or start doing for the next 40 (now 39 days). If you were thinking of something but didn’t do it (or stop doing it) yesterday, don’t give up. Why not start today. We are imperfect, we know that (and guess what – so does God). So why not start today?!

I’ve decided to meditate/journal every day through Lent. I’m hoping I can build discipline and start to enjoy it. To let you know how much of a stretch this is for me, I’ve been journaling about once a month. And I’ve been satisfied with that because that was once more than I was doing before.

Why not share your resolution so we can pray for you and cheer you on!

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