Christmas in Staten Island

We had the pleasure of participating in a great event last night.  Led by Movement Church in Staten Island and sponsored by multiple organizations and individuals.  I met individuals from Tennessee, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and other locations that all came out to help those in need.   The Gospel was on their lips and in their hearts and honestly I wanted to recruit all of them to minister in Westchester.  They are exactly where they need to be and Pastor Steve and Pastor Al of Movement Church are an inspiration.

After being down in Staten Island multiple times and seeing what Movement Church is doing, I can whole-heartedly endorse their work and encourage donations.  Please consider giving either financial or by donating your time.  Thank you!

Movement Church:

I hope you enjoy these pictures and you can find more pictures on our Facebook page:

Big thank you to Patriza’s of Stamford, who donated all the food!

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We visited Staten Island yesterday to help with the relief efforts.  Our trip was coordinated by Trinity Church of Greenwich and was in partnership with Movement SI Disaster Relief (see first photo).  Please continue to keep those impacted by the storm in your prayers.  God bless!

More pictures are available on our Facebook page:

Movement Staten Island Disaster ReliefYou can take our home but you can't take our heartStaten Island Boat in parking lottotaled car in Staten IslandStaten Island damage from Sandy - respirator Staten Island damage from SandyStaten Island damage from SandyStaten Island damage from SandyStaten Island damage from Sandy