Small Group Men’s Bible Studies Forming!!

 Have you desired to just be around a few good friends that know you?  You might share a joke,  or something your kids are going through, or anything in between.  Then you’ve come to the  right place.

We are establishing small groups for the new year.  Small groups are the essence of this ministry and they are what allows us to ‘do life together’.  The setting might be different but we always spend some time in fellowship, Bible study, and prayer.

Interested?  Well, let us know by adding a comment to this post!

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  1. Hi, Terence asked me to say a word about my involvement in small groups. I am not at this time involved in one, over the years I have been involved in many; singles, couples, mixed and men only. I was blessed and grew through all of them and so I am open to the possibility of finding another group. There you have it Terence, more than a word. Blessings from Paul Hastings

    • Thanks Paul. Is there a particular time or location that would work best for you?

      We currently have a few small groups. For example, we have one Thursday evening and another Saturday morning. There is the thought of adding one after church on Sunday. Thoughts?

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