Listening to God’s Word


“Did not our hearts burn within us?” – Luke 24:32

From “My Utmost for His Highest” for March 22nd

“… the only test we should use to determine whether or not to allow a particular emotion to run its course in our lives is to examine what the final outcome of that emotion will be. … if it is something God would condemn then put a stop to it immediately …(but) if the Spirit of God has stirred you, make as many of your decisions as possible irrevocable, and let the consequences be what they will …

We can not kindle when we will the fire which in the heart resides, the Spirit bloweth and is still, In mystery our soul abides; But tasks in hours of insight willed, Can be through hours of gloom fulfilled.”
– Oswald Chambers

I’ve been journaling through Lent and I’m in a dry spot.  I have been amazed by God’s word and upset that I haven’t written it down earlier.  Then my oldest brother died and things changed.  Over the last few days, it has been very hard to hear God.  It seemed clear that I had piled my concerns, anxieties, list of tasks, and many other things on top of God’s word, crowding Him out.

The last sentence of this entry really got to me.  We can’t control when God will inspire us and talk to us but we can control our faithfulness even when we can’t hear him “hours of gloom”.

God Bless!

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How to Ascertain the Will of God

From “Answers to Prayer from George Müller’s Narratives”Prayer

1.  I seek at the beginning to get my heart into such a state that it has no will of its own in regard to a given matter.  Nine-tenths of the trouble with people generally is just here.  Nine-tenths of the difficulties are overcome when our hearts are ready to do the Lord’s will, whatever it may be.  When one is truly in this state, it is usually but a little way to the knowledge of what His will is.

2.  Having done this, I do not leave the result to feeling or simple impression.  If so, I make myself liable to great delusions.

3.  I seek the Will of the Spirit of God through, or in connection with, the Word of God.  The Spirit and the Word must be combined.  If I look to the Spirit alone without the Word, I lay myself open to great delusions also.  If the Holy Ghost guides us at all, He will do it according to the Scriptures and never contrary to them.

4. Next I take into account providential circumstances.  These often plainly indicate God’s Will in connection with His Word and Spirit.

5. I ask God in prayer to reveal His Will to me aright.

6. Thus, through prayer to God, the study of the Word, and reflection, I come to a deliberate judgement according to the best of my ability and knowledge, and if my mind is thus at peace, and continues so after two or three more petitions, I proceed accordingly.  In trivial matters, and in transactions involving more important issues, I have found this method always effective.

George Müller