Journaling: What Did You Learn?

Journaling, journal, challenge, Bible, Bible studyToday is day 40 of our 40 day journaling challenge!!   Congratulations!  I hope you have enjoyed this challenge.  I would definitely like to hear what you’ve learned and anything else you would like to share.  Please add a comment either here or on our Facebook page:

I thought I would share some of my thoughts on what I’ve learned, in no particular order:

  • God is faithful!  He desires to spend time with us and blesses us when we do.  Especially if we are not doing it out of obligation
  • God talks!  I knew this but who among us, would rather hear themselves instead of God?  I hope I can continue to improve my ability to hear his still quiet voice.
  • He makes it clear that He is the one speaking.  Someone mentioned that they heard something on the radio about prayer, and they thought, ‘come on speak about James 5 because that is what I’m studying.  They than went to their Bible study group and the topic was about how James 5 relates to prayer!  Amazing.  I, too, have seen God give me two unrelated pieces and than all of a sudden he gives me the middle piece that causes it all to make sense.
  • Practically, it is easier to pray and journal first thing in the morning.  I found that if I didn’t do it then, there was only a 50% chance that I would do it at all.  This might just be me.
  • Everything technique you use can be hijacked by the devil.  As I pray, sometimes I would find myself reflecting on the previous day.  Sometimes God would show me the truth behind certain events or bring to mind something I thought during the day.  Other times, the devil would use it as a way to distract me from hearing God.


These thoughts are off the top of my head and I would love to hear what you experienced, even if you journaled for just one day.

I can tell you that I hope to continue to journal and grow closer to God and I hope you do too.  Please let us know what you think.  Thanks!
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