>Eliana Update – Please Pray

>Brian’s Prayer Letter… 9/11/09

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for everything. We have felt your love, prayers, and support during these past few weeks. Eliana is doing much better! As most of you know we came close to losing her at critical moments twice over the past few weeks. But God… He intervened and touched the doctors hands and told them what he wanted them to do and saved her life. I am overwhelmed by watching miracle after miracle in her life. God still moves, and works in our lives. When we are at our weakest He is the strongest on our lives and His power is awesome. God does care. He has answered our prayers and yours as well. Last Tuesday was one of the hardest nights we have ever been through. Eliana went into shock from the Ecoli in her body releasing toxins into her organs. Her blood pressure fell to 60/40, her heart was racing at 240 beats a minute and her oxygen fell to 60% turning her body blue. They rushed her body to the PICU and God restored her life. Pray she did not suffer more brain damage due to her mind not getting enough oxygen. She is doing much better and has successfully gone through a couple of surgeries since then. She is suppose to have stints place into her pancreas in a week or two. I wish you all could meet her and see her passion to live and love.

The church continues to see people saved and baptized through the summer. Pray as we disciple our new converts. Praise God He still love to save people and change people.

God Bless,
Brian Densmore


Well, Eliana got out of the hospital Friday night, but with the busy weekend I didn’t have time to come share the good news… Unfortunately, she had to go back in today. Eliana has pancreatitis again. The new pancreatic enzymes they were trying evidently didn’t work. She is back off her food and on morphine again.

Pray for our baby and pray for her parents who cannot help but be discouraged with this long siege of illness.


  1. >9/16Mel just called. Eli definitely has the staph infection but that is not the worst of it. She also has a VRE infection. It's like a MRSA. Antibiotic resistant. This is a very serious turn of events.Also, she has pulled her j-tube loose. They have to see how far out and may have to do surgery to replace it. She has to have her tubes to have her food.Thank you for your continued prayers.

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